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The NFL Combine workouts kickoff tomorrow starting with tight ends, offensive linemen and special teams players.

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BOSTON (CBS) – Appreciate a great coach while you have him.

That’s the lesson to be learned Wednesday after the Buffalo Sabres canned Lindy Ruff, who was in the midst of his 15th season behind the bench in Western New York. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Ruff was riding high on the type of success – minus the Cup title – Claude Julien has had since he came to Boston.

Despite several changes of ownership (sometimes to dishonest thugs) and numerous burn-downs and rebuilds of the Sabres’ roster, Ruff was always able to work a little magic, adapt his style to his personnel, and squeeze production out of teams once he had enough talent to accomplish the feat.

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Under Ruff, the Sabres reached the conference finals in ’98, the Cup Final in ’99 and then the second round in 2001. After…

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